Lucky Mutt Animal Rescue is staffed entirely by our wonderful volunteers. Want to join our team? We are currently looking for…

  • Fosters
  • Fundraising Managers
  • Grant Writers
  • Event Planners
  • Marketing and Communication


The more dogs we can foster, the more dogs we are able to save. We are always looking for foster homes to to provide our dogs with safe homes and love until they are adopted.

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Fundraising Managers

When we rescue dogs, each requires veterinary care ranging from $150 to thousands of dollars. To help us continue our important life-saving work, we’re always looking for  volunteers with creative fundraising ideas.

Grant Writers

One of the biggest boosts to the work we do comes in the form of grants from various organizations. We need people who can identify grants and help us submit applications.

Marketing & Communication

One of the simplest ways to help is to spread the word about what we do. Link to our webpage, tweet about us, and tell your friends.

Let us know what you’re interested in!

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